12-16 September 2022
Cabo Verde - Cidade da Praia
12-16 September 2022
Cabo Verde - Cidade da Praia


In 2022 will take place in Cidade da Praia, Cabo Verde, the 4th Physics Conference of Portuguese-Speaking Countries – 4CFPLP. This series of conferences has already been held in countries of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries: 2010 in Maputo, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro and 2019 in São Tomé.

The main objective of this series of conferences is to share scientific and technical knowledge between countries with different knowledge, but with a lot in common, from language to current challenges.

The Union of Physicists of Portuguese Speaking Countries (UFPLP) and the University of Cape Verde (UNICV) are honored to invite you to submit papers for the 4CFPLP, whose lemma is “Physics for the sustainable development".

The conference has, without excluding others not mentioned, highlighted the following topics:

·        Dissemination and teaching of Physics (including digital teaching and applications)

·        Environment, climate change

·        Ocean pollution and disaster prevention

·        Sustainable energy sources

·        Contributions from Physics to engineering

·        Physics for life

·        Space technology, in particular the use of nanosatellites

·        Complex systems

·        Artificial intelligence

·        Nanotechnologies

The event will take place on the 12nd-16th of September at the University of Cape Verde.

Important dates

Paper submission: April 30, 2022

Reply to authors: May 2022

Registration: May 2022

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