12-16 September 2022
Cabo Verde - Cidade da Praia
12-16 September 2022
Cabo Verde - Cidade da Praia

Travel and Visa

Please check the requirements to enter the country before traveling to Cape Verde. Due to the current pandemic situation, some of the rules written below may have changed.

The Government of Cape Verde provides a portal with all information for international and domestic travelers, which can be accessed through the link https://travel.gov.cv/


To enter Cape Verde, passengers must register on the website https://www.ease.gov.cv/ and pay the airport security fee.

The following are exempt from presenting the latter proof: holders of Cape Verdean/diplomatic/service and laisser-passer/safe-conduct passports, and duly documented citizens residing in Cape Verde. Passengers who are not included in the aforementioned exemptions and who travel without pre-registration will not be able to enter Cape Verde.

For more information see:

·       https://www.turismo.cv

·       https://portalconsular.mnec.gov.cv/vistos

·       https://www.turismo.cv/pt_PT/page/covid19

Currency and exchange rates

The Cape Verde currency is the Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE). The paper money is issued on bank notes of 200 CVE, 500 CVE, 1000 CVE, 2000 CVE and 5000 CVE. There are also coins of 1 CVE, 5 CVE, 10 CVE, 20 CVE, 50 CVE and 100 CVE.

Exchange can be done in any bank agency or at the Exchange Offices.

Some hotels exchange money.

1 CVE=0.0091 EUR

How to get from the airport to the center city

Taxi: Airport-Cidade da Praia: approximately 10 EUR.